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I wish I could say that I was a master at prepping foods ahead of time, but I’m definitely not! But this time of year with our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), we get A LOT of greens. I love greens, but with sooo many, it becomes difficult to use them all up.

There’s so much washing, sorting, and chopping to be done, that if I don’t force myself to do it all at once, the greens just sit in the fridge unused and uneaten.

In an effort to be less wasteful, I took the time to prep the greens and store them in individual containers or bags. So now when I have a greens craving, or let’s be honest, when I think “I should really get some more greens in my diet,” I have far fewer excuses to fall back on.

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DIY Deodorant Stick

I remember being in middle school and learning about the dangers of aluminum in antiperspirant, which freaked me out. So much so, that I actually took the initiative to start using only aluminum free deodorant…as a middle schooler!

Sometimes I would use one I found at my local health food store and other times it would be one of your regular commercial brands that you can find at any grocery store. But that was back when you could still buy deodorant that wasn’t also an antiperspirant. Have you tried looking for a non-antiperspirant deodorant in recent years? They don’t exist! (Or at least they are very rare.) When did we get this idea that humans aren’t supposed to sweat?? Don’t get me started on people that say they “HAVE to use antiperspirant or else they’ll sweat.” Not sweat! Oh the horror!

But if you’re reading this, I imagine that I don’t have to convince you of the toxins that can be found in both antiperspirants and deodorants. I used Tom’s of Maine for many, many years and that’s still a relatively good option compared to a lot of other companies out there. The Environmental Working Group rates their deodorants at anything from a 1 to a 4.  But if you’re like me and want to know EXACTLY what’s going into your deodorant, then you want to make your own.

When I first attempted a DIY Deodorant, I went to my trusted, all natural recipe source, the Real Food RN. While her recipe worked great, it was a little too gritty due to a large amount of baking soda, and I also had to apply it with my fingers. It took some getting used to, but once we did, both my husband and I were pleased with the results. As my supply waned, I still really wanted a DIY deodorant that I could use in stick form. And guess what! I found it. My husband and I have been using this for the past several days and are loving it! It didn’t even melt when we went to an un-air conditioned beach cottage for a few days in 90 degree weather! And we didn’t stink either.

DIY Deodorant


3 TB Coconut Oil

2 TB Beeswax (pellets or grated melt much faster)

1 TB Shea Butter

2 TB Baking Soda (I reduced the amount of baking soda from my last batch of deodorant to keep it from being so gritty. I have sensitive skin and I’ve been fine with this amount. For some people it can cause a minor rash though. If you’re concerned about that, try using just 1 TB or omit it. Although FYI, some of the odor reducing qualities come from the baking soda.)

2 TB Arrowroot Powder

1 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil

10-12 drops Essential Oils

  • 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Orange Essential Oil


Double Boiler OR Mason Jar and Stove Top Pot (If you use a double boiler, you may want to keep a separate double boiler just for your DIY projects. The beeswax doesn’t always want to come off so cleanly and often leaves a residue.)

Empty deodorant container(s) (I reused my old deodorant containers but you can also buy some on Amazon or my favorite place to buy DIY supplies, YourOilTools.com)


Melt the coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter over low heat, in your double boiler OR in your mason jar inside of a pot with a couple inches of water.

Whisk in (or stir with a fork) the baking soda and arrowroot powder.

Remove the whole pot from the heat and add in vitamin E oil and essential oils.

Use potholders to carefully pour the mixture into your deodorant container. (I had a little leftover, so I poured the extra into a small jelly jar.)

Allow to cool with the lid off for a couple of hours.

Apply like any store bought deodorant!

Wanna find out more about the power of essential oils? Check out my favorite informational resource, the Revolution Oils Podcast. 

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Tabasco Melty Beads

When I say that my son loves melty beads, I mean my son LOVES melty beads. We work on melty bead (also called Perler beads) projects all. day. long.

So when his Pop-Pop’s birthday came up, he wanted to make him a melty creation. Since Pop-Pop loves hot sauce, the obvious choice was to make him a hot sauce melty bead. But when we went to the internet, we couldn’t find a single hot sauce or Tabasco melty bead creation to copy.

So that meant my son was going to have to design it himself, and he was up to the challenge! We got a bottle of Tabasco sauce and within 20 minutes, my son had created this beauty.

Hot Sauce Melty Beads
Tabasco Melty Beads

After it was melted and cooled, we added a magnet to the back to turn it into one of the few useful things you can actually do with a melty bead creation: a refrigerator magnet.

And here I am sharing it so that when someone else out there wants to create a melty bead project, hot sauce style, they need look no further than right here.

Enjoy! And happy melting!

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Lavender Orange Essential Oil Lip Balm

I find the combination of Lavender and Orange essential oils in this lip balm to be just heavenly whenever I open my lip balm container. However, when I first tried to make this lip balm, although it worked fairly well, if I wasn’t SUPER fast putting all the ingredients in, it would quickly get too gloopy to mix properly. And yes, gloopy is a technical term. But if you follow my directions closely and in the right order, you should have sweet-smelling success!

3-ingredient Lip Balm with Lavender and Orange | Surprised By Autumn

This recipe will make several 3 ml containers.


5 TB Coconut oil

3 TB Beeswax (Beeswax pellets work great because they melt a lot faster.)

1-2 drops essential oils per container

  • 1 drop Lavender
  • 1 drop Orange


Mason jar

Crockpot or small pot for stove

Wooden chopstick

Small measuring spoon (1/2 teaspoon works well)

3 ml containers or container size of your choosing


Pour the coconut oil and beeswax into the mason jar.

Place the jar in a crockpot or in a pot on the stove.

Fill the pot with 2-3 inches of water and heat on low. If using a crockpot, this step will take a while but is great if you need to keep it warm for an extended period of time without worrying about burning the ingredients.

Allow the coconut oil and beeswax to melt completely.

Place 1-2 drops of your choice of essential oils into each of your containers. It’s important to do this step first!

Then, spoon the coconut oil/beeswax mixture into the containers one at a time, filling to the top of the container, and stirring with the chopstick after each one is filled before moving onto the next one.

Allow to cool for a minute before wiping any excess balm from the outside of the container. Then allow to cool completely before putting the lid on.

If you don’t use all of the coconut oil and beeswax mixture, you can just let it cool and store it until you’re ready to make another batch of lip balm. Then just reheat and you’re good to go!

Safety Tip

There is some concern for using orange essential oil on the skin before heading out into the sun for an extended period of time, due to its photosensitivity. So maybe if you’re planning on heading to the beach, make a peppermint flavored one instead. That will cool your lips nicely too!

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Mommy-Time Bath Salts

I love baths. In fact, that was the worst part of being pregnant, not being able to take HOT baths. (Actually, that’s not true. I had a lot of issues that made pregnancy miserable for me. But not being able to take baths was just salt in the wound.)

So now that I can take baths whenever the heck I want to, I make sure to keep a jar of these wonderful smelling bath salts nearby. In fact, I think I might go take a bath right now.

Mommy-Time Bath Salts | Surprised By Autumn
Bath Salts just for Mom to relax


2 Cups Epsom salts

8-10 drops Essential oils

  • 4 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Cedarwood
  • 2 drops Orange


Pour Epsom salts into the jar.

Add essential oils and put the lid on. Shake, shake, shake to mix it all around.


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Lemon Basil Seasoned Salt

As heard on the Revolution Oils Podcast!

One day I decided to hunt for DIY gifts you could make for the men in your life. The idea of Seasoned Salts came to mind but alas! I couldn’t find any good recipes out there. So I decided to make my own. Since then, I’ve tried this on some Chicken Breasts and the result was so delicious that I definitely ate way too much, leaving no leftovers for future me. Future me was sad.

Basil Lemon Seasoned Salt | Surprised by Autumn
Delicious Basil & Lemon Seasoned Salt


1 Cup Kosher Salt, Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt

8 – 10 drops Essential Oils

  • 4 drops Lemon
  • 4 drops Basil


Place salt in half-pint jar. Drop oils on top of salt. Put lid on and shake to mix.

That’s it! So easy. Just sprinkle some on each side of your chicken breast or beef before roasting. Also great on veggies!


A special thanks to Samantha Lee Wright at the Revolution Oils Podcast for sharing this recipe with the world!

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A Little DIY for Your Health

I have a confession to make. I’m a little granola.  Not totally crunchy, because seriously, who has time for that?  But I’ve always enjoyed learning ways to be healthier which then leads to more productivity and overall wellness. One passion of mine is DIY healthy alternatives to everyday products. I’ve been experimenting for years and still do so as often as I can, especially now that I have two little boys.

Over the years, I’ve made my own cleaning products, sunscreen, candles, immune boosters, facial cleansers, detox aids, anti-fungal salves, skin creams, and more. Some of the most effective ingredients in many of the products I make are essential oils.

Let me share some of my favorite essential oils and why I use them as well as a DIY recipe that is super simple to make.

  • Peppermint: Aromatically for headaches, nausea, and an energy boost
  • Lemon: For cleaning and air freshening, also delicious in sparkling water
  • Lavender: Aromatically and topically for restful sleep; Topically for itching bug bites or poison ivy.
  • Tea Tree: Aromatically for respiratory support.  Topically for anti-fungal, cold sores, and spot treatment of blemishes
  • Frankincense: Topically for healthy skin

Recipe for Super Relaxing Bath Salts

  • 1 Cup Epsom Salts
  • 8-10 drops of essential oils of your choice!
  • I like 4 drops Lavender, 2 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Orange
  • Mix well and store in a glass container. Pour about ¼ Cup under running bath water (or as much as desired), then enjoy a relaxing bath.

Although I use essential oils on a daily basis, there are still so many uses of these amazing tools that I have yet to unlock. I think everyone would benefit greatly from learning more about essential oils.

Interested?  Check it out!

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